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IP Allocation Plan for AMPRNet Alabama

This is my plan for IP Allocation in for the Alabama section of AMPRNet:

V1.0: - /21 Backbone networking projects (statewide infrastructure, servers, DNS, DHCP, WWW, etc.) - 2x /24: /30s and /31s for fixed links on an individual coordination basis. - KK5VD (/28 actual for four links) - KK5VD - KK5VD - KK5VD - unallocated - individual allocations as necessary (/24s, etc. start here) Allocated N4BWP Allocated Madison County Area. /18 Statewide Mesh, OSLR, etc. Individual IPs defined per hostname or IP or request. Netmask:

V2.0: backbone services space
44.100.1-67/24: one /24 per county.
44.100.68-96: additional networks as needed, such as metro-area links
44.100.97-127: filled from the highest to lowest for point-to-point links, i.e.:
44.100.192-223/19: Mesh space - may be expanded to 44.100.128 and/or 44.100.255.

All of this keeps in mind that RF doesn't respect county boundaries, and there may be more than 252 people using IP in a given county.

Disable Auto-Play On Import in iTunes

From the "Who thought this was a good idea?" Dept.:

How to disable auto-play on import in iTunes:

Open a Terminal.App window and paste this in:

defaults write com.apple.iTunes play-songs-while-importing -bool FALSE

That's all.

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