Compressor Smashing


How to Mash the Compressor

VLC contains a built-in audio compressor. This can be taken advantage of for spoken word material and for movies, in the case where you need to reduce the dynamic range of the material due to a loud environment, or compress the peaks above a certain point to prevent excessive loudness.

Audio Effects -> Compressor
 - Check Enable
 - RMS / Peak: 0.0
 - Attack: 1.5 ms or as fast as it will go
 - Release: 2 ms or user option as to release time
 - Threshold: -24 dB
 - Ratio: maximum (20:1)
 - Knee: maximum (10:1)
 - Makeup gain: 24 dB

Note that adjusting threshold will put the compressor into action earlier and limit the output amplitude of the compressor; the makeup gain is directly related to this number to flatten out the overall amplitude of the compressor output.

Adjusting the attack and release introduces various effects and depending on time constant, can make aspects of the audio stream "pump". This is not a desired effect. Multiband dynamics processing in radio stations avoids pumping effects in the bass region if at all possible.

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