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CNAME and other data

dns_master_load: m/db.domain:15: mail.domain: CNAME and other data
Dec 23 07:06:45 www named[25842]: zone loading master file m/db.domain: CNAME and other data

You're seeing this error and thinking... WTF? Why doesn't it work? What does this mean?

I'll tell you what this means.

The short version: instead of being normal and doing a round-robin of either A records or CNAME records, you thought you'd be slick and round-robin an A record and a CNAME. Since you're being a dumbass, vix leaves you a cryptic message for you to meditate over.

Solution: Pick EITHER "A" records or "CNAMES" to round-robin.

vix: 1 you: 0. Buy vix a beer for even attempting to acknowledge your egregious jackassery.

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