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I feel like Joe Pesci because the first thing in my mind is that voice and this speech: "Get this through your f***ing head...." I have a serious bent toward electronics. I *know* I am not the only one. However, as a future aspiring technomad, I want my books, I want my PDFs, and I want my schematics in a format that's green for the environment, portable for me, and is easy on the eyes. Hence, I'm looking for an 11x17 or 20" e-Paper reader that accepts flash cards of some ilk, natively understands PDF, and if you really want to make me jump for joy, supports multi-touch as a control method for zoom. And I don't favor DRM or anything less than native support for PDFs. Adobe, why don't you step into the hardware market place? You have the lock on PDF. Give us a native reader that *truly* delivers in a way that the other players in the market aren't capable of. If you sell a ruggedized version, the military will buy them for every repair depot staffed by a civilian.

All I ask is that you give me what I want, and you don't lock me into the platform, or charge me more than $1,000 for it. And I will gladly sign up to hock a kidney to pay for it.

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